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Southeast Region Webquest

In this webquest (your mission should you choose to accept it – and actually – you have no choice – you have to accept it!) you will be a historical, geographical, fifth-grade fact finder!!!

On Day One you will complete the Map of the Southeast Region listing the states and their capitals.  Click on the following link and scroll over each state.   The spelling will appear at the top of the interactive map.  The State Capital is…well…look at the map key.  Which symbol represents the capital of each state?  Write the capital beside each state.  Be careful, spelling counts (you’ll see why!)


After you complete your map, come back to this webquest and try your hand at the quiz.  You will be asked to list the capital city of each state of the Southeast Region.  Now, be careful…spelling counts!


Now try your hand at identifying the states in our country with this activity:


Ready for Day 2?


Today you will discover and learn about the geography of the Southeast Region.

Go to the following site where you will explore the major rivers, mountain range, major cities, national parks and landmarks in the Southeast Region.  In order to complete today’s quest, you will scroll over the location on the map that you are looking for, click on it and find the information in the box to the right of the map.  Remember, that when the quest asks for facts, I expect complete, well-written sentences.


When you have finished finding the information for Day 2, return to the quiz on the states and capitals of this region and see if you can do it from memory!


Then, enjoy the following “stroll” through the Southeast, compliments of Mr. Nussbaum!


Have fun and happy exploring!

And tomorrow will be day 3!

Day 3….

should be renamed!

to Part 3!!!

This is the BIG part of your webquest.  You will work with a partner and research “YOUR” state.  You mission on this part of the quest is to explore your state in detail, and create a magazine  that will convince the rest of us that your state is the “place to be!”  You will start by creating a magazine cover.  You cover will include one picture, the name of your state, it’s motto and up to 17 key highlights (these have to be SHORT – one or two words.)  Then you will create 2-3 trading cards of some of the places in your state.  Choose the ones that you feel makes your state the most amazing or attractive place to visit!  For example, you might choose Disney World or St. Augustine in Florida.  You will create a trading card of that feature.    Your trading card will include highlights of that place.  Your trading card will be a kind of advertisement that will try to convince people that they really want to go there!  Your trading cards could include information about  famous people, climate, famous landmarks – anything that makes your state the BEST place to visit.  You will want to convince everyone that your state is an amazing, awesome, unbelievable, extraordinary place to live or visit.  Just remember – you can only get a limited amount of information on the trading card so keep that in mind and decide what is the “Big Stuff!”

Here’s where you will make your trading card and magazine cover:


You can research your state at any of the following links:








Mrs. Wrenn will assist you to find pictures for your cover page and trading card.

You will have 4 days to work on this project so use your time wisely!  :)

Here is a timeline to follow:

Wednesday and Friday:  do your research; take notes; plan your cover page and trading cards

Monday and Tuesday:  create your magazine cover; create your trading cards;

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